AWS Cloud Hosting Services Alameda

AWS EC2 Linux Servers

Get the server configuration that is right for your business. The T2 burstable instances are the most cost-efficient for 90% of small and medium business needs. We use the latest EC2 T3 and T3a multi-core virtual servers.

RDS MySQL/PostgreSQL/Aurora

We can help you get your database set-up and running in the cloud with Amazon RDS. We will analyze your needs and configure the most appropriate rds database server for your needs.

S3 Storage

Move your image and video files off of your web server for best performance. Amazon S3 is the ideal cloud file storage for websites and web applications.

SES Mail Service

Ensure your critical communication is delivered with Amazon messaging.

Web Server Configuration

Apache system administration requires technical knowledge and experience. We have been working with Apache Linux for over two decades.

HTTPS SSL/TLS Secure Certificates

Make sure your customers are protected and your site is not penalized. We can install SSL certificates for secure encrypted connections.